Comilona | A Nomad Argentina Festival

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (October 2017) From Tuesday, October 10th through Friday, October 13, 2017 New York City’s foremost Argentine Chef Fernando Navas will host a team of Argentinian experts from across the world for COMILONA. Translated “feast”, COMILONA is an annual Argentine food & wine festival to showcase the country’s rich flavors and culinary heritage. In its third year (Singapore 2016, London 2015), COMILONA comes to New York City with eight influential figures in Argentine food & wine to showcase, and further develop, the city’s understanding of Argentine cuisine through a special panel on the current state of Argentine cooking, an empanada food truck takeover, an interactive culinary course, and two memorable dinners. The festival is sponsored by INPROTUR, Argentina’s National Institute of Tourism Promotion, and Aerolineas Argentinas.        

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